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anime - Anime is basically another word for japanese animation. Anime is heavily influenced by manga comics. Which usually refers to characters with large eyes, big hair, and enlonged limbs. Most anime shows are produced after the manga book versions of them, not many are the other way around.

manga - Manga are japanese comics that consists of printed pictures and text that are usually black and white, and tell a story through comics panels. They don't vary much from american comics, but they are usually made like novels, they feature the trademark japanese anime style characters, and they are read right to left instead of left to right.

Manga and anime examplesEdit

Many of your may be wondering what anime/manga characters look like as opposed to the small description in the first section of this article. So these pictures should give a semi-clear example of what they are. But make sure to do your own research if you are really interested.

  • anime angel
  • anime kimono girl
  • haruhi suzumiya at christmastime
  • chobits
  • sos brigade
  • clannad
  • anime cat girl
  • lucky star